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    Our Policies


    The Colorado Business Directories sole purpose is to bring local Colorado consumer's and local Colorado business' together.   Our General Use and Terms of Use policy is, but not limited to;

    Absolutely NO Fraud, Get Rich Quick Schemes or unethical business practices will be allowed into the directory. If we find that a business has numerous complaints or a unresolved negative standing with the BBB that company will be removed from the directory immediately. Also numerous customer complaints against a specific company will also result in removal from the directory.

    The Colorado Business Directory will not knowingly provide to, or accept from, the Advertiser, web pages that contain, or the links to websites that contain anything illegal, pornographic, degrading or abusive to another person, including, but not limited to, gambling, hate-group propaganda; or provide links to such material that may provide material that is grossly offensive, including , but not limited to, expressions of bigotry, racism, hatred, profanity; or for promoting or providing instructional information about illegal activities, or promoting physical harm or injury against any individual, group, race or country.

    Advertisers agree to provide products or services that may only be used for lawful purposes. Providing or solicitation of any material that violates United States Federal, State, or other policies or laws that may apply in this jurisdiction or your local area is prohibited. This may include material that is obscene, threatening, harassing, libelous, or in any way a violation of intellectual property laws. Advertisers also agree to abide by the policies of The Colorado Business Directory and any host server that The Colorado Business Directory may utilize. No material may be published on web pages provided by The Colorado Business Directory , or linked thru, or to, that would commonly be considered "indecent" or " adult material.

    The Colorado Business Directory WILL NOT be responsible, nor held liable for, your correspondence or business dealings with, or participation in promotions of, advertisers found on or through The Colorado Business Directory website, including payment and delivery of related goods or services, and any other terms, conditions, warranties or representations associated with such dealings. These actions are solely between you and such advertiser. You agree that The Colorado Business Directory shall not be responsible or liable for any loss or damage of any sort incurred as the result of any such dealings or as the result of the presence of such advertisers on The Colorado Business Directory.com

    The Colorado Business Directory and staff cannot check each and every company in the Directory. Therefore, before I invite individuals into my home, I shall take sensible steps to assure my safety and security.  Paying money up front is risky and if I choose to pay Members, their affiliates, subcontractors or representatives in advance, I take full responsibility for my actions.   


    If a dispute is not settled to my satisfaction, I have the right to bring a private civil action against any Member, their affiliates, subcontractors or representatives. Therefore, I shall not hold the Directory and/or his staff responsible for any unsettled disputes, problems or damages arising from my dealings with Members, their affiliates, subcontractors or representatives.


    It is important to shop around and compare bids when transacting business and I understand that the Directory encourages me to do so before transacting business with Members. While shopping and comparing, I shall not rely solely on Members of the Directory. 


    It is equallyimportant to check experience, references, licensing, insurance and other pertinent background of Members before I use them and I shall not rely solely on the Directory, or Members to provide this information.


      The Colorado Business Directory makes no guarantee as to the availability of its Web site or of the products and/or services available on the Advertiser pages or the Advertiser linked Websites. The opinions and views expressed do not necessarily reflect those of the Colorado Business Directory.

    The Colorado Business Directory reserves the right at any time to modify or discontinue, temporarily or permanently, the directory (or any part thereof) with or without notice.   

    Cancellation Policies

    The directory membership is currently on a  month to month basis at this time. Payment is due on the first of each month. You may cancel your membership at any time. Please see below for cancellation details.

    If you choose to cancel your membership The Colorado Business Directory must be notified by the 1st of the month so that you are not charged for that month. If you choose to cancel after the 1st day of any given month then you will be charged for the whole month.

    If payment is not made by the 1st of the month your company will be suspended for 5 days. If payment is received within those 5 days it will be reinstated. However should your payment not be received then your business will be removed. If you choose to readd your business at a later date it will be not be added it its original location on the page but will be added in the next available spot.






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